Electric Vehicle Program Simulation Software

Electric Vehicle Technician
Simulation Software

One of the main advantages of using simulation software is that it provides much-needed “hands on” experience. In order to properly understand the operation of an Electric Vehicle, its components  or charging stations it is necessary to spend considerable time working on them. But an actual EV or charging station would be inherently expensive to train on. In addition, it can be quite dangerous to work on a Electric Vehicle that is fully energized and start taking it apart, So how do you know if the equipment is live or not? How would you know the disconnect switch is actually being engaged, and if the battery disconnected from the vehicle? 


3DLab Circuit Simulation

The 3DLab simulator is used in the introductory modules of the program to help students visualize basic electronic circuits and to begin to interact directly with them, just like in a real lab. The 3DLab software creates a multimedia environment that is very engaging particularly for students with no prior, or a minimal, electrical or electronics background.  3DLab allows students to safely perform experiments and further their understanding of simple electrical and electronics circuits that are fundamental to understanding how EV powertrains and control systems function.


CircuitLogix is a powerful, yet easy to use circuit simulation tool which includes thousands of electronic devices, as well as test equipment and troubleshooting tools.  There are hundreds of pre-built laboratory projects that are part of the course curriculum, plus students can build and design their own circuits to further their knowledge and understanding of electricity and electronics.  The focus of the lab projects is to reinforce the EV theory that is covered by enabling the students to test and troubleshoot actual circuit schematics that are used in EVs.  By using CircuitLogix, students will enhance their knowledge and skills in the study of communication and power electronics by observing and interacting with devices and circuits that are common in EVs and hybrid EVs.

Learn to Service, Maintain, Program Electric Vehicles and Related Infrastructure

Using CircuitLogix, students have the freedom to safely test high voltage circuits that are part of an EV and gain an understanding of how these systems operate.  High voltage battery packs, as well as AC motors and power inverters handling hundreds of amperes of current are all analyzed and tested using troubleshooting techniques that are taught in a “real-world” environment without the inherent risks of working on “live” equipment.  In the same way airline pilots use simulators to safely learn how to fly a plane, we use simulation for EV technicians to safely learn how to service, repair and maintain high-voltage devices and circuits that are part of every EV.

The CircuitLogix Simulator Includes:

Highly intuitive graphic user interface:

  • Fit-circuit-to-window feature
  • Versatile circuit node naming
  • Context-sensitive on-line Help
  • Zoom in or out 10%-1000%
  • Wide range of user-definable colors
  • Undo, Redo, Duplicate and Merge circuits

Interactive components:

  • 50 pre-built EV lab experiments
  • 150 pre-build electronics/electricity labs
  • 40 new EV specific components
  • Snap grid with device “nudging” using arrow keys
  • Device rotation in 90 degree increments
  • Rotate, Mirror and Repeat placement

Flexible wiring:

  • Automatic point-to-point wiring
  • Wire connectivity maintained during moves
  • Click-and-drag wire repositioning
  • User-sizable connection area for wires
  • Multiple wires to the same device pin
  • Cut and extend wires

pwm using digital oscillator to vary duty cycle